est. 2020

The spirit of Defiance

New York

The Midsummer Reserve

750ml | 44% ABV

Celebrate the Summer Solstice with Harridan Vodka’s Midsummer Reserve, created in partnership with The Hoodwitch.

It includes a Limited Edition Midsummer bottle, filled with Harridan’s handcrafted 88-proof vodka, hand-dipped in white wax, and rested under a full moon during May’s lunar eclipse.

The bottle is accompanied by an engraved wood Ritual Box that includes everything you need to manifest a prosperous and powerful season: a rosemary smudge stick, ritual candles, a dropper bottle for ritual oils, and a crystal set (Aventurine, Tiger’s Eye, and Pyrite). The box also includes a zine created by The Hoodwitch – containing exclusive spells, tarot spreads, and cocktail recipes, as well as instructions for how to use the box contents.