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The spirit of Defiance

New York

The Paranormal Reserve: Hotel Edition


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This limited edition collection of Harridan Vodka was rested for one month in two of America’s most haunted hotels: the Anderson Hotel in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky and the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Consisting of 350 hand-numbered bottles split evenly between the two locations, this Reserve will not return once it is sold out.

Each Paranormal Reserve set includes:
• A bottle of 88-proof Harridan Vodka hand-numbered with the location in which it rested
• A bespoke wood case carved by a local NY woodworker
• Exclusive hotel accessories for the bottle’s corresponding location (keychain, pen, and hotel pad)
• Gloves for safe handling
• An authenticity card

About the Crescent Hotel:
Built in 1886, The Crescent hotel is often billed as America’s most haunted hotel. It was originally built as a resort for the wealthy, but eventually became home to a school for girls and–most famously–an experimental cancer hospital run by Norman Baker. At least 40 people died at the Crescent during the years in which it functioned as a “hospital” and it is home to at least 5 identifiable ghosts.

About the Anderson Hotel:
Built in the 1930’s on the site of its predecessor, the Central Hotel, which burnt down around the turn of the 19th century, the Anderson has a grisly history. At least 13 deaths have occurred on the premises from 1965 until the late 80's when it closed its doors as a hotel. It has had such violent paranormal activity that it was even closed to investigators after a cameraman on Paranormal Lockdown was mysteriously bitten by an unidentified entity.

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